What to Expect After a Storm

The weather is impossible to predict, and some storms can cause severe damage to your home or business. Our restoration company can fix your structure, getting it back to how it was before quickly. Our local professionals know our weather and its hazards and how to get everything back to normal.

Get through the storm, and then take a look at the aftermath. Read on for more.

Storm Damage Insurance

Coverage amounts vary based on your neighborhood, the specifics of your policy, the severity of damage and additional factors.

The sooner you file claims, the easier getting payouts will be. You could get short shrift if you don’t act quickly.

Storms that cause property damage may lead to mold growth and much more.

  • Damage from Flooding: Floods can seep into foundations, ruin framing and finish work, lead to mold growth and much more.
  • Tornado and Hurricane Damage: Circular wind storms can completely destroy, including catastrophic damage to siding, roofs, landscaping and more.
  • Wind Damage: This can damage structures, destroy glass, destroy trees and landscaping and power grids and cause other problems.
  • Hail Storm Damage: Severe hail can cause shingle and siding damage, and that can mean roof leaks and compounding structural damage.
  • Winter Storms: This can collapse roofs, break trees and electric systems, and cause other harm.

Seek Out a Professional Damage and Remediation Professional

It’s necessary to repair the damage quickly, but the risk of danger is high. Before you do it yourself, get your insurer and a contractor on board. Contact us for details.